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How to Master the Miscellany: A Primer on IRS Form 1099-MISC

Tax time inevitably gives rise to a lot of questions, late night Google sessions, and phone calls to money-minded friends. And, while these options alternate between igniting feelings of panic and calm, they don’t exactly offer the final word on tax law and can leave searchers feeling more in the...

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Blog Flash Back: The American Adventures of Air, Tuk, and Mind

The last week of the year is best spent near a warm fire with some great reading material. Here is a lively tale to keep you entertained during the final breaths of 2017.

The American Adventures of Air, Tuk, and Mind

At Jitasa, we reward loyalty and long-time employment. Part...

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3 Nonprofit Articles Worth Reading

Between spam and clickbait, it can take hours to find articles that are detailed and relevant to your nonprofit. I’ve surfed the depths of the internet to provide 3 articles sure to improve your operations.

Man Surfing

Understanding Generation Z

Classy always harbors a wealth of information,...

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Nonprofits are not good at onboarding board members

The below guest blog is brought to you by our partner 501(C) Services, check out their blog and website for excellent nonprofit content and advice.

welcome onboard mat

According to a new survey, nonprofits are not doing a very good job onboarding their board members. Nonprofit board members...

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