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Understanding Ownership for Nonprofit and For-Profit Business

Humans tend to be very stuck on the idea of ownership. We need to know who owns everything, from the homes we visit to the stores we shop in. For traditional businesses, this setup looks a little different than for nonprofits. If you’ve ever wondered who owns a nonprofit, the...

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5 Steps to Set Your Fundraising Campaign Up for Success

Your nonprofit has big goals for your next fundraising campaign. Whether you’re developing a new project to serve your community or creating a new space in which to accomplish your good work, you understand that your organization’s future will be shaped largely by the success of your campaign. To achieve...

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Don’t be Accrual (to a heart that’s true)

All puns aside, accrual accounting and budgeting are the bread and butter of accounting, and so important to the successful nonprofit. For many small and midsize organizations, operations continue on a modified accrual basis, which means cash until year-end adjustments for accrual happen.

If this sounds complicated, don’t despair--there are only...

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Nonprofit Hiring: Hiring Your First Employee

Nonprofits frequently start small--a few dedicated people working from someone’s home or even garage. Eventually, with work and a little luck, some grow to acquire office space and even employees. While it is an important milestone, it can be a complicated one for your organization. Beyond finding the right candidate,...

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How We Hire: The Importance of Truth-Telling

When we hire someone, we usually have a standard set of things we look for--base requirements for the job that a person must meet to even be considered. Once a candidate has based the resume test, we bring them in to get a feel for how they might fit in...

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