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Jitasa Awarded “Real Leader” Award

Jitasa is proud to announce that we’ve been selected to the Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies, a list of positive Impact companies “applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good.” The magazine is a first--dedicated to sustainable business and leadership, they hope to influence leaders to take...

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Resolutions and Results: Getting Intentional in the New Year

Hello from 2019! It’s the first few days of a brand new year, and you’re likely being inundated with people and businesses set on making this year their best ever. From weight loss to business growth, we’re all a little more receptive to change in this post-holiday season.

If you haven’t...

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Welcoming the New Year By Reviewing Your Accounting Practices

While it is possible that your nonprofit fiscal year does not line up with the calendar, the impending closure of this holiday month has us thinking about the end of this year and the beginning of the next. For many, the new year represents a time of rebirth--letting go of...

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When ‘The Buddy System’ Fails: Risk Management for Nonprofits

This week brings big, if not so great, news in the nonprofit world--two nuns stand accused of stealing around $500,000 over a period of years. The money is reported to have been used for gambling, a violation that was discovered only after Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang...

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Mental Accounting and the Myth of Finite Money

The term “mental accounting” may sound unfamiliar, but you’ve probably engaged in it (at least on a personal level) a number of times. We tend to think about budgets in this way, allotting a certain amount for bills, home, entertainment, education, etc. It’s how we categorize and evaluate economic outcomes....

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