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Going International: 3 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

For many nonprofit organizations, international service is part of the deal--to effectively fulfill their mission or even grow, your nonprofit may need or want to explore a more global mission. Of course, this is no easy task, and comes with some serious potential complications (and some potentially great rewards).

If you’re...

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How to Make Working Remotely Work for Your Nonprofit

Due to the small staffing predicament faced by many nonprofits, a variety of organizations have turned to remote work as a solution. Folks are excited about working from home--it provides for more flexibility, greater variety in applicants, and a decreased need for things like office space and parking permits. Because...

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Setting Fundraising Goals That Initiate Action

When you’re beginning any goal setting process, it can be difficult to even know where to start. This is especially true in nonprofits, where dreams are big and ambitions are high. Goals are great, but it they feel unreachable, they can also be problematic, preventing the undertaking of any sort...

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Mark Your Calendar: Idaho Gives is May 2, 2019

Idaho Gives comes but once a year, complete with volunteers offering treats in exchange for donations. But the event is about more than that--it offers our community the opportunity to support the nonprofits they care about in an easy and meaningful way.

The event is designed to raise both money and...

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Privacy and the Nonprofit

Nonprofits very often serve vulnerable populations within the community, which means they’re consistently handling private data. They’re also finding new ways to utilize technology to help increase efficiency of sometimes very small staffs, which puts data at an additional risk. Often, for profit companies prioritize profit over privacy, though increasingly...

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