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Mental Accounting and the Myth of Finite Money

The term “mental accounting” may sound unfamiliar, but you’ve probably engaged in it (at least on a personal level) a number of times. We tend to think about budgets in this way, allotting a certain amount for bills, home, entertainment, education, etc. It’s how we categorize and evaluate economic outcomes....

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Giving Tuesday Results Show We Believe in the Spirit of the Season

The holiday season is officially upon us, the turkey talk replaced by holiday lights and reindeer grazing magically on our front lawns. Thanksgiving’s passing can be sort of quiet in the hustle of Black Friday (which often begins on Thursday evening) and Cyber Monday. For many nonprofits (and the nonprofit...

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5 Ways to Thank Your Donors This Holiday Season

As we enter into the holidays, donors can start to feel that spirit of generosity a little bit stronger. If you’re running a nonprofit, this can be great--their goodwill means that you can continue to offer your service to the community for a little bit longer or make some great...

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The Nonprofit Guide to Income Diversification

A lot of people talk about the importance of diversifying your income, and it makes sense. Even within a household, it would likely be preferable to have income coming from more than one place. If something happens to one job, for example, there’s another salary to help support daily operations...

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5 Engagement Opportunities Your Nonprofit Should Offer

Engagement of your nonprofit’s loyal supporters is a key factor for various aspects of your organization. These supporters are the foundation on which your nonprofit can grow!

When you effectively engage supporters, you’ll see improvements in your donor retention, higher attendance rates for activities, and an...

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