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This or That: Should I Hire an Employee or Contractor?

Small business owners participate in a constant and complicated balancing act. When you’re running a nonprofit, this is especially true. Limited time, resources, and the desire to best fulfill your mission drive you to seek the most efficient means of running a business. For some, this can...

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BroadPoint Acquires Jitasa’s Technology Solutions Division

Jitasa is excited to announce that effective March 2nd, 2018 the Technology Solutions (TS) division of Jitasa was acquired by BroadPoint. BroadPoint is a Top 20 Microsoft Gold partner with a two decade history of successfully delivering technology solutions to over 400 clients, including hundreds of ...

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How to Measure Nonprofit Cash Flow

Unsurprisingly, there is more than one way to measure cash flow within your nonprofit organization. And how you choose to do it may rely on a number of things, including the size of your nonprofit, advice from your nonprofit bookkeeping services, and organizational structure.

Loupe Examining Cash Flow
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New York Court Upholds Decision to Disclose Donors

New York may begin requiring donors who give over $5,000 to nonprofits to be publicly disclosed, reports Bloomberg.

Scales of Justice

In 1995, Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation registered with the Attorney General’s office and submitted disclosures every year, omitting major donors. In 2013, the...

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Protect Your Organization By Building A Contingency Fund

Because nonprofit organizations are operating on an already-tight budget, it can be difficult to think about putting aside extra money. Your nonprofit bookkeeping service may have even pointed out that there's little room for additional expenses in the budget, let alone savings--but sometimes, the world just doesn't care.

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