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How Overburdened Bookkeepers Can Hurt Your Business

Nonprofits employ some of the most passionate people out there--they’re hardworking, devoted, and often utterly enamored with the mission they serve. For CEOs, this seems like the dream--employees who believe in their cause are typically better for business, right?

While this is true in theory, employees with too many responsibilities often...

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Write Better Grant Proposals

For nonprofit organizations, grants represent a crucial portion of overall organizational funding. Nonprofit accountants can attest to their necessity—nearly 10% of funding typically results from successfully acquired grants, which is no small portion of the pie.

But a lot of people are applying for grants too, which means that getting one...

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B Corp: A New Kind of Company

In light of the recent Idaho Gives campaign, we’re thinking a lot about charity and what it means for an organization to engage with philanthropy in communities. Gone are the days of “every man for himself” --instead, businesses of all kinds are thinking more about how they can be a...

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What We’re Doing Next Week: Idaho Gives

On May 3, Jitasa joins the people of Idaho in supporting Idaho Gives, a 24-hour period of giving beginning at midnight and happening across the state via internet in support of Idaho’s great variety of nonprofit organizations. This year, they hope to raise $1.5 million to help fund the great...

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Profit vs Profitability

When many people hear the term “nonprofit” they assume that an organization with such designation isn’t concerned about money. Very likely, it is the opposite--not for profit organizations are particularly caught up in conversations that revolve around finances that often go toward the organization and not the people who work...

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