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Enough is Enough: Examining the Sunk Cost Fallacy

Nonprofits often struggle with matters of money because they’re not always particularly concerned with it, so long as an organization’s basic needs are being met. They’re particularly susceptible to misinformation about money management, and this is especially pronounced when a non-accountant is performing accounting duties within an organization.

Even a nonprofit...

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Know Your Risks: Technology and Accounting

While technology has infinitely decreased the amount of time and storage required for accounting, it brings with it its own set of challenges, including security, an endless amount of tools to choose from, and the ability of many to access what only a few people might need to see. Today’s...

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Why We Love Nonprofit Accounting

Accounting gets a bad wrap, especially with the influx of “accountants behaving badly” in the news. But, overall, it is a pretty uneventful field, at least in the criminal sense. Accountants perform valuable functions for their own companies and companies that choose to outsource these duties. Like everyone else, accountants...

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Autopilot for Accounting: How to Save Time

While you may choose to handle accounting with an outside organization, there are a number of accounting functions that require some level of in-house expertise. Like most things, these take time, which you’re probably short on. Ideally, administrative and accounting tasks will not take over the more important work of...

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The Time is Now: How to Start a Nonprofit

Many people endeavor to work for a nonprofit organization, but finding the right fit, especially if you live in a small area, can be challenging. Perhaps you’re drawn to nonprofits because you feel a particular calling to help a specific group, be it people, animals, or the environment. Such specific...

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