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Streamline your operations with a financial management system that has been designed specifically for Nonprofits

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Microsoft’s leading financial management solution for nonprofits addresses the unique requirements of the nonprofit community across the globe, including fund accounting, dimensional Chart of Accounts, procurement workflow, integrated grant management, budgeting, and reporting.

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Solve your most complex challenges with an intuitive user interface, agile reporting, and the ability to access live data on any device, anywhere.

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Stay connected with data flow in both directions. You’ll have access to live data anywhere, from any device. In addition, you can efficiently interface with multiple systems.

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Growing Nonprofits Choose Jitasa for Serenic Navigator

An Experienced Partner

Since 1996, Jitasa’s Serenic Navigator team have implemented over 500 Microsoft projects. Our team of experts provide ongoing support and truly understand the needs of your nonprofit.

Slice & Dice Your Data

Our system offers a multi-dimensional and low maintenance Chart of Accounts for easy slicing and dicing of data. While AP workflow eliminates paper pushing and encourages easy tracking of your commitments.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Access your live data from anywhere on any device. Our system also allows you to setup an unlimited number of companies with one click consolidated reporting.

Appreciate. Integrate.

Our technology interfaces with multiple systems easily, this includes Payroll/HR, Fundraising, and medical billing/ case management. This means your systems can work together seamlessly.

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