Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the benefit of using Jitasa’s services vs. hiring a local bookkeeper?
2. We have a staff member do our bookkeeping, and want to keep it that way…
3. How many hours per month do I need?
4. Will we be losing control by outsourcing to Jitasa?
5. What type of nonprofits do you work with?
6. Will I have one dedicated bookkeeper/accountant to work with?
7. We are a startup nonprofit, are we too small to need your services?
8. Can you file taxes?
9. Will Jitasa help us get through our annual audit?
10. Are there any accounting services Jitasa does not offer?
11. We are behind on our bookkeeping, and it’s a mess now… can you still help?
12. What type of software do I need?
13. Do you offer payroll?
14. How long does setup take?
15. Is there additional cost for my accounting questions?
16. How do I get documents to you?
17. Do you ever offer your services probono?
18. I’ve lost my 501c3 status… how do I get it back?
19. Help! My question isn’t listed above…