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Picking a Non-Profit Accounting Software Package

There are a lot of accounting software options out there for non-profits. When picking an accounting solution, there is always a trade-off between cost and quality.

Cost can be thought of relatively straight-forward: what does it cost to buy this thing, configure this thing, and run this thing. Most smaller packages...

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Hiring a Team vs. an Individual

We find ourselves often talking with clients about the benefits of outsourcing and using a solution like Easy Office. One thing that we frequently talk about is the idea that you are getting a team, not just an individual. An accounting department requires a variety of skills - someone who...

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Nonprofit Budgeting Tip

As our collective eyes turn towards 2010, it isn't too early - or too late - to get your budget prepared for the New Year. Most organizations focus their time and energy budgeting expenses. But remember to take the time to also budget your income and cash flow. It can...

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