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Fraud is all too common

Fraud is all too common. Typically as non-profits we take an overly trusting stance. We like to believe the best about people and are generally a hopeful group. In the arena of fraud, we need to become a bit more cynical.

The best way to avoid fraud is to ensure you...

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Capacity Building

Capacity building is front and center in my mind, after just attending the Alliance for Nonprofit Management conference (solid organization by the way.) There are 100 definitions of capacity building and a fair bit of discussion around what it exactly is. Strategic planning, executive coaching, financial training, and program evaluation...

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Four Futures

Paul Light's 5-page article on the Four Futures facing the non-profit sector is worth a read. http://tiny.cc/d06xa On the heels of my post about "Small is Beautiful" this article highlights the challenges small organizations face. He talks about all the buzzwords of collaboration, efficiency, and scale. ...

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Small is Beautiful

Of the 1.1 million non-profits in the US, 90+% have an annual budget of under $1M. A very high percentage of those have an annual budget of under $100,000. There is frequent talk of the need for non-profits to merge. The conventional wisdom goes that there are too many small...

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