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Executive Director's Guide to Financial Leadership

Good article from Kate Barr and Jeanne Bell of CompassPoint on Financial Leadership. In particular, we like the section where they say:

Invest in contract consultants. So how does an organization with limited resources adequately attend to all three finance functions? Increasingly, we are seeing executives pair contract...

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Ghost Employees

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is reporting another sad story of non-profit fraud. The struggling Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford, CT has been fighting insolvency for some time. Now, to add to their woes, their controller for the past 20 years has admitted to systematically stealing over...

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Shared Services and Affiliated Nonprofits

Recently we have been having more and more conversations with franchised or affiliated nonprofits. These are the groups that have a national brand, but have unique 501c3's serving local geographies. Groups like the YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, Make*A*Wish, Special Olympics, and many many more have this model. (Sharon Oster,...

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