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Communicating Performance to Stakeholders

There aren’t that many people out there who enjoy giving a presentation to decision-makers--the public speaking, research, and people skills required can feel intimidating and unreachable. Still, many of us are frequently called upon to give such presentations, and, depending on the subject matter, struggle.

If you own or work for...

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Why B Corp Recertification is a Lifestyle (not a moment)

Jitasa is excited to announce that we’ve been recertified as a B Corporation--a big deal to us, and other companies working toward positive impact. The B Impact Assessment becomes more uncompromising each year, so every year that it happens for us, we’re grateful for the hard work it takes to...

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The Role of the Nonprofit Board in Financial Oversight

As a nonprofit and resource provider to nonprofits, we understand the need for dependable and afforadable services to help us power our mission. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Jitasa, longtime Mission Capital business member and the largest national accounting and bookeeping services provider focused exclusively on...

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Where Pop Culture Meets Fundraising

If you work in an office, play on a sports team, or even have a group of friends, you’ve probably been asked to participate in a bracket challenge when March hits. Humans love competition, and, basketball fan or not, we get excited about the opportunity to place...

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No Such Thing As Black and White: Nonprofits and Advocacy

Very often, nonprofit organizations tow the line. They operate neither here nor there, occupying some sort of grey area in between. For many both in and out of the nonprofit world, the question of advocacy can be a bit confusing, in part because many nonprofits seek to make social change....

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