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New Nonprofits: To Audit or Not to Audit?

Running a nonprofit isn’t for everyone, and if you’re new to it, you probably have a lot of questions that your for-profit counterparts can’t relate too. There’s also a lot less information available that is specific to nonprofits, and it is easy to get lost in the monstrosity that is...

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3 Ways to Be a Better Fundraiser

If the goal of the nonprofit organization is to serve the community, the goal of the CEO is to help the organization raise the funds to be able to do so. While a good nonprofit bookkeeper will help ensure this happens, your nonprofit staff can do a lot to secure...

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CFC Launches New Donation System for Nonprofit Donor Program

The Combined Federal Campaign, also called the CFC recently launched its 2018 program this month with a new donation system that is designed to counteract declining participation. In 2017, the program raised $101 million, which is no small task--but compare it to the $283 million raised in 2009, and the...

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Going Digital: Choosing Technology That Works for You

Technology changes quickly, and employees of all ages and abilities can struggle to keep up with it, particularly if they’re doing a lot of different things. Even more pronounced is this problem as organizations attempt to go green, digitizing material that was once meticulously printed and filed.

While it can seem...

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Choosing Your Space: Considerations for Your Nonprofit

While you may be immensely dedicated to your mission, many nonprofits are less loyal to their space. It’s really the last thing you think about--that physical space necessary to conduct your business which amounts to much greater things. But space for your program matters, and can influence potential donors, growth,...

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