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The Nonprofit Guide to Income Diversification

A lot of people talk about the importance of diversifying your income, and it makes sense. Even within a household, it would likely be preferable to have income coming from more than one place. If something happens to one job, for example, there’s another salary to help support daily operations...

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5 Engagement Opportunities Your Nonprofit Should Offer

Engagement of your nonprofit’s loyal supporters is a key factor for various aspects of your organization. These supporters are the foundation on which your nonprofit can grow!

When you effectively engage supporters, you’ll see improvements in your donor retention, higher attendance rates for activities, and an...

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Sustainability and Accounting Standards Board Releases Updated Standards

The Sustainability and Accounting Standards Board released 77 industry-specific sustainability accounting standards on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at a ceremony at the London Stock Exchange, meant to provide investors with a variety of information that help identify and communicate opportunities for sustainable value creation.

These come after a six year effort...

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Accounting Game Celebrates Youth Achievements

At the end of October, the American Institute of CPAs announced winners of the 2018 Bank On It tournament, which took place throughout the year at industry conferences nationwide. The game, which takes place online, offers students questions about the basics of accounting. The game also provides real-world scenarios that...

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How to Craft a Nonprofit Vision Statement

If you’re running an organization, writing down the finer details of your operation may not be top priority. Sure, you’ve talked about them, run them by the board, and framed the sticky notes where they were originally recorded for the sake of posterity--but refining them and putting them on your...

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