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3 Nonprofit Articles Worth Reading

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Why fundraising videos are your top marketing tool

One sentence from this blog should get your attention, “On average, crowdfunding campaigns that incorporate video receive 114 percent more funding.” That is a huge marketing advantage for your nonprofit. Classy walks you through 4 successful video campaigns to explain why they work and how you can replicate the results. They go over having a solid call to action, utilizing user generated content, creating interactive content, and how you can use a donation driven ideas to create content people want.

How nonprofit professionals can manage workplace stress triggers

Beth Kanter’s name has become synonymous with health in the nonprofit community. She is an advocate for taking care of yourself in a community that prides itself on helping others. In this article, she discusses how to identify your stressors and triggers, and what to do once you have. This is important for anyone in the nonprofit world, as dealing with your stressors will enable you to help others more efficiently.
Take Beth’s burnout assessment quiz to identify stress triggers

10 Types of social media posts every nonprofit should be sending

Julia Campbell is a social media savant. She studies and analyzes the intricacies of each media outlet so you don’t have to. Even I follow her blog to stay up to date on changes and nuances that I may not know. In this article, a guest blogger breaks down 10 types of posts that will give you content for social media to last the whole week. These content ideas are easy to obtain and manage, making it easy for a small staff to conquer.