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I have found Jitasa to be the most cost effective and efficient solution for our church of 2,000 members. Not only were we able to significantly reduce administrative costs, but in addition, the last audit performed by our independent CPA firm resulted in zero journal entry adjustments.”

Tom Greer, Chief Financial Officer Newsong Church - California

Through our Jitasa team, we get service when we need it. They provide a level of dependability and service you would expect from a full time staff member. Due to budget constraints, we could never afford this level of expertise if we had to hire someone. Every nonprofit should utilize Jitasa. Not only is it a great value, but they are dependable, professional, and personable.”

Shelly Hamilton, Executive Director MarinSpace - California

As the director of a small nonprofit startup, I was wearing many hats. I tried to do all of the programming, all the development and all the accounting, completely on my own. I was overwhelmed. With the help of Jitasa, we are able to focus on what we do best as a nonprofit. Since we have enlisted their help, our organization has grown exponentially. We are hiring additional staff, we have doubled our revenues, and we have received numerous awards for our programming!

Someone from Jitasa is always available to answer our questions, and our dedicated staff member knows everything about our organization. She is able to offer infinite help with our goals, budget, and mission.

Thank you Jitasa, for being a valuable member of our team so we can provide the best debate educational opportunities to all the youth in New York City!”

Erik Fogel, Director New York Urban Debate League

Not only does Jitasa do great work for us, but I know them. I interact with my team and I know what’s going on their lives. While they are remote, I consider them to be as much a part of our company as our staff.”

Kristin McGee, Director of Operations Community Transportation Association of Idaho

You make my job easier and I appreciate that! Not everyone in our organization understands the importance of accounting and putting things in the right place, you make it easier for them…which makes it easier for me! Thank you for all that you do and our fantastic team do!”

Leah Bowman Interfaith Sanctuary

Great expertise and good bookkeeping service! Feels like having a team member who just happens to work remotely.”

Iron Kim, Pastor of Spiritual Formation Grace Presbyterian Church Silicon Valley

Jitasa removed the weight of the world from my shoulders and made me feel confident in their ability to deliver. They are very responsive and helpful as well.”

Kathleen Durham, Executive Director Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, Inc.

Great customer service and good on-going dialogue.”

Gene Colonese, President 18 Fair Street Condominium Association

Jitasa offers a great staff, willing to be part of your team to help accomplish the goals of your organization.”

Laura Huff, Finance director Rare Genomics Institute

Jitasa offers a wealth of knowledge at a reasonable price point. Not only do they do they handle the back office services, but they are very well versed in finance and accounting issues at both the federal and state levels.”

Jason Ortiz, Treasurer B-Change Insights

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Jitasa's mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofits. Our bookkeeping and accounting services are affordable and cater to every nonprofit.

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