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Streamline Your District’s Operations

Experience our integrated financial & human resources software solution for K-12 School Systems.

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Leverage Microsoft’s leading business software for school systems

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools’ tightly integrated user experience is flexible, familiar to your personnel, and works in concert with your current technology investment.

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Achieve a higher degree of efficiency and agility than ever before

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools replaces inflexible legacy systems with a modern application that automates manual tasks and reduces operating costs.

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Manage the growing complexity of school business operations

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools' integrated suite of modules are specifically designed to eliminate waste, automate workflow, and enable better collaboration between departments.

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools

Our flexible and affordable solutions allow district managers to improve communication between departments and functions, save time with automated, customizable workflow, and support informed, data- driven decision making at all levels. The many automated features in Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools free up staff time by streamlining processes, including:

Flexible Buying Options

Our Software and Service offerings are flexible and based on the needs of your school district. Software and service offerings are below.

Software Only

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools Software managed by your in-house staff. We train and equip your staff.

Full Suite of Services

Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools Software and Accounting Services managed by Jitasa. We’ll manage everything from start to finish.

*Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools was built for North American K-12 school districts serving 1,500-25,000 students.

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With more and more demands being placed on our Business and HR departments, we simply cannot afford to waste time overcoming the barriers our current solution creates. Jitasa Enterprise for K-12 Schools is a modern SQL-based ERP system that will integrate with other software packages used by our district, eliminating the need to perform duplicate entry of common data. K12 brings functionality and customer support that our current solution simply cannot deliver.”

Bryan HowettBusiness Manager, Manheim Central School District