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How to Build Capacity and Strengthen Outreach

Would you rather go fast or go far? To go far, you need a team willing to help you to the finish line. This great write up via Nonprofit Hub discusses the importance of filling your knowledge gaps with those with expertise on the subject.

Nonprofit or not, a lot of...

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4 Tweeters That Will Improve Your Twitter Feed

User Logging into Twitter on their Phone

The twitterverse is a special domain. It’s an excellent place to communicate with people you idolize, have a laugh, or stay up to date with breaking news. While twitter offers a great many features, I find the ability to curate separate...

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Create a fundraising plan even your finance director will love

Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

It’s a yearly dance.

  • You, representing fundraising. The finance person, creating the organization’s budget.
  • Back and forth. No and no and maybe and yes.
  • It’s exhausting. And so much is at stake!

There are two problems you may experience:


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How to Prepare to Present Your Nonprofit Financials to Your Board

Are you giving your board the correct information to make accurate, informed decisions for your nonprofit? You should be reporting to your board on a quarterly basis, providing them with a clear financial portrait of your programs and operations. Providing accurate information is critical, as it ensures that your board...

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Jitawesomes Lend a Hand at The Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Our name means “the spirit of serving others,” and it is a true reflection of our ideals and culture. Every Jitasa employee is given a week of paid time off to volunteer within their communities, or the world. Recently, a team of Jitasa employees left their cubicles and stepped into...

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