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Embrace the Power of Good with Mission Capital’s Blog

If you’re hunting for a blog that will help you expand your nonprofit and get your creative juices flowing, look no further than Mission Capital’s Power of Good.

Mission Capital provides the tools and guidance needed to tackle complex issues and create lasting social change. We’re partners, because like us, they believe that nonprofits have the power to change the world. Their blog regularly offers information that breaks down complicated issues into simple, task based instructions. This not only makes change easier to accomplish, but their continual reassessment of issues allows you to adapt and alter your plan for success. Blogs you can’t miss include:

The Power of the Pause Button

Explaining a pretty simple idea that many have trouble with, this blog focuses on taking the time to think before one speaks.

4 Keys to Building a Collaborative Strategy

This article breaks down how to continue building upon your strategic collaborations. It also links to an in depth blog about planning and designing a collaboration.

Solving Problems vs. Addressing Needs

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the Mission Capital conference in 2016, this is a blog overview of one of the excellent presentations. Featuring David Wilkinson (Director of Social Innovation and Civic Participation for The White House) and Fraser Nelson (who at the time was Director of Data and Innovation for the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office), they’ll walk you through how to change your mindset and think of solving problems in a more productive manner.

Renata Poe Massie, Content Creator for Jitasa